We believe that wearing school uniform has a positive impact:

  • it promotes a sense of pride
  • it engenders a sense of community and belonging
  • it helps to easily identify Ladybridge pupils
  • it prevents the wearing of anything that might cause a distraction to learning
  • it promotes equality between pupils
  • it supports parents in providing an agreed set of clothes
  • it supports health and safety.


All pupils are expected to wear school uniform. The uniform consists of:

  • navy blue jumper or cardigan
  • white polo shirt
  • dark grey/black trousers (or shorts for summer)
  • dark grey skirt/skort or pinafore dress
  • summer dress (blue check)
  • black, grey or white socks and tights
  • black, sensible school shoes.


For PE

  • navy blue shorts
  • white round-necked tee-shirt
  • trainers for outside
  • plain dark tracksuit if outside


On PE days, children will be expected to wear their PE kit (and tracksuit) to school (no school uniform), to minimise the loss of kits and changing time and maximise time available for PE. When taking part in PE, children with long hair will be expected to tie it back.

If your child is unable to do PE, please ensure that you have informed the class teacher.


Please note

The only jewellery allowed in school is one pair of stud earrings and a wristwatch. However, where pupils wish to wear jewellery of religious significance, parents must inform the school. Pupils must be able to remove these objects for P.E.


For pupils who wear headscarves, these must be of a non-distracting nature (plain and either black, white or dark blue in colour). Headscarves must be removed for P.E. lessons (unless a sports hijab is worn).


‘Extreme’ haircuts (including ‘shaved’ patterns) and dyed hair, that we consider distracting, are not allowed.


Our uniform with the school logo is available from ‘Whittakers’ situated on Deansgate in Bolton Town Centre and ‘Smart Clothing’ on Blackhorse Street in Bolton.  Alternatively, plain uniform can be purchased from a range of other retail outlets.