RE addresses a wide spectrum of issues about humanity and how we exist as members of the global community. Critical self-awareness is nurtured as RE tackles questions about the ultimate meaning of life, humanity and beliefs about God. It ranges across ethical and moral debates, issues around the family and community as well as environmental concerns. Pupils are actively encouraged to develop a strong sense of engagement, respect, self-understanding, and curiosity through the study of different religions and world beliefs. A sense of wonder is central to the study of RE.

Contribution to the curriculum

RE supports the values of the curriculum by actively promoting the values of truth, justice, and respect for all. It place specific emphasis on:

- Pupils valuing themselves and others.

- Looking at the role of the family and community in the context of their religious beliefs and activities.

- Celebrating the diversity in society.

- Appreciating the need to encourage a sustainable earth with a concern for the environment.

Early Years  :   Explore Christianity and other cultures and religions as appropriate.

Key Stage 1

Explore (Christianity and at least one principal religion)

Learn about




Begin to use specific vocabulary

Begin to understand the importance of religion and belief

Asking relevant questions

Talk about what is important

Develop a sense of wonder

To value ourselves


Develop a sense of belonging

To relate RE to other subjects

To deploy an appropriate range of ICT skills

To share opinions on what is important to ourselves

To develop the skills of independent learning

To be able to reflect on individual progress

To value what is right and wrong

Key Stage 2

Learn about Christianity and at least two other principal religions                                            

Recognise diversity in religion                                                                                                    

To develop the ability to make connections between religions                                                              

To become familiar with and show respect for sacred texts                                                   

Recognise the impact of religion at a local, national, global level                                            

Recognise the impact of religion in the context of other localities                                                

Appreciate the impact of religion on our daily life                                                                   

Extend the range and use of specialist vocabulary                                                                  

Valuing what is right and wrong; good and true                                                                      

Ability to empathise with the views of others                                                                         

Reflect on what it means to belong to a faith community                                                                 

To develop skills of independent learning                                                                                   

To communicate ideas in a variety of ways using different presentational skills                                                             

To develop open – mindedness                                                                                                  

To develop some skills of metacognition                                                                                     

 To deploy a range of appropriate ICT skills                                                                                

 To use a creative approach to express religious ideas.


Please see below our RE Progression Grid:

RE Progression Grid