Here at Ladybridge, we are very proud to celebrate the rich heritages and cultures that we have in school.  Our EAL (English as an Additional Language) learners come from very diverse backgrounds and we have a wide range of languages spoken in our families. 


Our pupils are all learning English at different stages, and our teaching and learning in school reflects this. We want all of our pupils to become fluent in English (both at a social and an academic level) and we value the extent that families contribute to this.


There are lots of valuable online resources that can help support learning English as an additional language, but please don’t forget the home language!  A strong home language is absolutely crucial in helping pupils to learn English. 


Please find in the links below, resources that are written in a variety of languages which will support you and your child at home.


EAL information


Please also find below a link that will take you to an EAL online safety guide, which we hope you will find useful:


Parents: Supporting Young People Online - Childnet