House Captains

What is a House Captain?

Every house has two year six representatives that have been chosen to be positive role models for the rest of the school. All year six pupils will be asked to submit a House Captain application that details the following:

  • What personal qualities would they bring to the post?
  • What experiences have they gained within school that would prepare them for the post?
  • Their broader experiences gained outside of school that may be of benefit to them in the post of House Captain

The Four Houses

Emerald HouseEmerald HouseRuby HouseSapphire HouseDiamond House

Each House is represented by a different colour and children can earn points for their house in various ways both in and out of school, such as: curricular achievements and/or effort; involvement in school activities – i.e. taking part in extra curricular activities on a regular basis, helping at school events, representing the school at sporting/academic events etc.

Each week the points are counted and during a weekly assembly children are told the scores to date. At the end of each week the winners have their colour tied to a trophy which is on display in the school hall. At the end of each term, the house points are totalled and the winning house celebrate together in the school hall during a fun filled morning.

Responsibilities of a House Captain:

  • To total up the house points on a weekly basis.
  • To make house point badges.
  • To lead the weekly house point assemblies.