Our Eco Council is run by Mrs Kalemi, ably assisted by class representatives in Key Stage 2. Together they think about how they may look after the school environment and the local neighbourhood.

The Eco Council is very proud of their school, its grounds, garden and wildlife areas, but are are always striving to make improvements and see how they can maximise the school's resources and look after our 'world'. Members of the Eco Council get together to discuss ideas and initiatives put forward by pupils, teachers and council members themselves. 

Examples of initiatives the council has introduced include:

  • Recycling waste in school  

We asked if we could have re-cycling bins in the classrooms. Now every classroom, the offices and staffroom all have green re-cycling bins so any waste paper is put into the right place straight away. We also make everyone think twice before printing and photocopying. 

  • Caring for our wildlife

​Caring for our wildlife garden promotes awareness of our natural habitat. We have bird feeders, wild flowers and even weeds to encourage insects and mammals, like hedgehogs, to pay our school a visit (we welcome all 'visitors', but are not as keen on wasps!).

  • ​Growing things to eat

​In addition to our wildlife garden, in our extensive grounds we are also cultivating an orchard and we are building a greenhouse made from recycled drinks bottles in which we hope to grow things.

  • Plastic bottle greenhouse

Our Eco Council have undertaken the task of building their own plastic bottle greenhouse.  This was not an easy job, as over 1,500 2 litre bottles had to be gathered, washed and prepared for the build. This was very time consuming and they put a lot of effort into this preparation. Working with staff and volunteers the children are looking forward to building the new greenhouse, which should be up and running for October 2017.  

  • The Big Tidy Up - litter collection

All our children are taught the importance of not dropping litter. Our school and its grounds are kept very clean, however we are keen to help our local neighbourhood look as 'sparkling' as our school. At least once a year we try and organise a litter collection day entitled 'The Big Tidy Up'.

  • Saving energy

In each class we endeavour to ensure that there is someone to switch off the lights when we leave the classroom; that outside doors are closed at the end of breaks and during break times; that computers are switched off when we leave the ICT suite (especially at the end of the day), so that we are doing our best to save Energy! We also encourage parents/carers to leave their cars at home and walk us to school.

As you can see, we are doing our best, but we can do more!

Role Description - Responsibilities of an Eco Council Representative

  • Be an excellent role model to other pupils
  • Weekly: recycling duties
  • Weekly: litter pick
  • Weekly: attend meeting
  • Termly: Wildlife area
  • Annually: Plant boxes