Achieving Excellence Together 
Building positive relationships through taking the time to get to really know and understand your child is central to being at Ladybridge. This enables us to uncover and nurture each child’s talents, and provide the guidance and support that will allow your child to grow and excel in all that they do.






Focus on effort and balance, so that:

- We strive to always be a happy, safe and nurturing school

- Our curriculum enables pupils to achieve all-round development

- Teaching promotes achieving equally well in the core key skills of maths, reading, writing, communication and ICT (across the range of national curriculum subjects)

- We maintain the importance of pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

- Pupils understand the importance of developing a growth mindset

- Pupils develop confidence and high self-esteem

- We encourage/instil aspirations and ambition

- Pupils are able, and ready, to achieve well when faced with new situations and new challenges

- We promote active contribution, voice and responsibility

- We all value the importance of achieving high standards

- We all understand the importance of effort (3*) in order to accelerate progress


Pursue excellence through:

- Delivering high quality and inspirational/inspiring teaching

- Providing high quality, memorable experiences and opportunities  across all subjects

- Giving pupils feedback that enables them to take ownership and responsibility

- Providing pupils with opportunities to be independent and apply their skills

- Consistently reinforcing high behaviour expectations: Be Well


Promote togetherness through:

- Developing professional and trusting relationships with external agencies

- Ensuring that pupils and staff develop mutually respectful , warm and trusting relationships

- Valuing positive relationships and involvement with parents/carers

- Providing opportunities for developing teamwork and learning from each other

- Promoting the importance of contribution and participation within the school and beyond in the community


Our BE WELL code of conduct provides a framework for all pupils to understand our individual and collective behaviour expectations.



       Ladybridge Primary School Code of Conduct