Parent Thoughts


Parent of a Y6 pupil

I changed my daughters school in year 2 to Ladybridge primary school as I didn't feel the school she was at stretched and challenged her enough this hindered her development and her potential academically I can now say my daughter has come on in many ways she is a clever girl, who needs to be motivated. This school does that, motivates its children to learn. Fantastic school.

Parent of a Y4 and Reception Pupil

One of the best decisions I have ever done for my kids was to choose Ladybridge Primary School. All the teachers and staff really look after the kids and make them feel valued and special. The environment in school is more like they are with their families everyone looking out for each other. Both Anousheh and Rustam flourished like flowers at Ladybridge I would highly recommend this school to any new parents.

Parent of a Y2 pupil

I changed my son’s school half way through Reception, and sent him to Ladybridge. He had a rough time of it at his first school, and was so frightened to go to school, it was a battle every single day to even get him dressed. But now, at Ladybridge, I have honestly never seen him happier! No more tears! He is more than happy going in to class in the morning, and comes out with a beaming smile, always excited to tell me what he’s been up too! Ladybridge is a great school, with the most caring and loving, and understanding teachers. They understand that not one child is the same, and will work around you and your child’s exact needs! These teachers have saved us from such heartache, that his old school left us with, and I cannot thank them, and praise them enough! Ladybridge IS the school for your child, I promise.

Parent of a Y5 and Y3 pupil

Both Haw’wa and Binyameen absolutely love waking up and coming to school. What matters most is the children being happy at school. I believe if they are happy they will learn no matter what. The teachers at Ladybridge Primary School always, always have a smile on their face

Parent of a Y1 pupil

I moved my daughter here in reception from another school as she was really unhappy there. She has come on so much and even though she is still quite anxious and gets upset sometimes as she has separation anxiety she always tells me she has had a good day and tells me what she has been learning! 

Parent of Y2 and Y4 pupil

We were here last year coming from abroad, totally strange for us, the atmosphere, culture, school system. We got place in Ladybridge school, since then we never regret sending our children to Ladybridge. My children developed confidence in every aspect and thoroughly enjoy going to school. The staff are friendly, teachers are always smiling and welcoming. Lots of fun for children and they learn in the most interactive manner.

Parent of Y3 pupil

We Love Ladybridge school such a different vibe from other schools my son has thrived here and I love how my son learns all different topics not just about math English but life skills life knowledge I love this 

Parent of Y5, Y2 and Reception pupil

The teachers at Ladybridge Primary School are a credit to the school. They are super friendly, helpful and kind. They always make parents feel comfortable and welcomed. The teachers are passionate and work hard. This reflects in the pupils learning. My children are doing really well at the school. I highly recommend Ladybridge Primary School to other parents.