Super Learning Day

Every year all the staff and children take part in our annual Super Learning Day. This is a day that focuses on children finding out about themselves as learners. It’s a fantastic day, during which children solve problems, use their imaginations, get physical, develop and improve their teamwork, communication, creativity and design skills.

On 3rd April 2017, ‘Superare Impedimentum’ was our theme for the day. This was a wonderfully positive day in which the whole school came together to ‘overcome barriers’. The day enabled children to learn alongside pupils from other classes and with different members of staff. Children took part in lots of different and exciting workshops, including ‘Hands that Talk’, ‘I am Assertive’, ‘Solutions’, ‘Wordball’, and ‘A + B = C’! It was brilliant to see the children approach each new activity with such enthusiasm, openness and resilience.