Our Staff

A dedicated, positive, skilled and experienced team, our staff work hard to provide the very best for your child. They strive to ensure children are well supported and excel both academically and personally. We pride ourselves on our excellent recruitment, ensuring that staff who join Ladybridge fully embrace our mission statement and have it at the heart of everything they do.


Headteacher: Mr C Watson

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs T Hall

School Business Manager: Mrs C Taylor

Class Cover: Ms N Hirani

Special Educational Needs Pupil Leader (SENCO): Mrs T Hall

Disadvantaged Pupil Leader (PPG): Mr C Watson

Primary PE Sports Grant (PPSG): Mr M Ferguson and Mr R Kell

Labracadabra @Ladybridge Manager: Mrs J Brickles

Foundation Stage



Teaching Assistants





Miss M Laithwaite

Mrs S Baker

Mrs C Gavin

Mrs J Whittam

Key Stage One



Teaching Assistants


Year 1L

Mrs M Phillips

Mrs N Ugharadar                        Mrs L. Shaw supports classes

Year 1B Miss J Cain Mrs E. Toth                                 across KS1  
Year 2L

Mr M Ferguson

Miss V. Hughes  

Miss M. Whittingham 

Mrs Z Tayeb  

Key Stage Two



Teaching Assistants  



Mr R Kell

Miss C Acton Mrs A Matthews and 



Miss S Lynam Mrs R Towne Mrs R Speed support classes


Mrs E Walsh

Mrs E Ferguson (H.L.T.A.)   across KS2  


Miss B Hanley.   

Mrs K. Kathiriya     
5L Miss J Bottomley Mrs A. Rowland   


5B Mrs K Wood Mrs K. Mugal    
6L Mrs G Bendelow Mrs M. Asghar    
6B Mrs R Hoolihan Miss K Cooper (H.L.T.A.)     

Office Staff


Mrs J Turnbull 


Mrs J Brickles



Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs C Ibrahim

Ms H Ashton

Mrs W Hewitt

Mrs J Renshaw

Mrs F Munshi

Mrs S Kalyan


Site Manager and Housekeeping

Site Manager

Mr J Walton

Housekeeper Ms H Ashton
Housekeeper Miss L Newton
Housekeeper Mrs M Simonova

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Manager

Mrs L Boddy

Catering Assistant

Mrs C Ladva

Catering Assistant

Mrs M Woodcock

Catering Assistant

Mrs Ahmed

Catering Assistant

Mrs Simonova


Subject Leads


Mrs E Walsh; Mrs R Hoolihan; Miss B Hanley



Mrs G Bendelow


Science, Music and PE

Mr R Kell/ Mr M Ferguson


Computing, Design Technology and Art

Miss K Cooper/ Mrs T Hall

History, Geography, RE and French Miss M Whittingham/ Mrs M Phillips/ Mrs K Wood