Reading: Parent Checklist

9 March 2018

It is so rewarding to see pupils enjoying all the facilities of our new library. We have many voracious readers; however, our work, as teachers and parents, is to encourage the reluctant readers to ‘get into books’.

Parent Checklist to Help Support Your Child

  1. I check that my child brings their book home daily.
  2. I listen to my child read daily (or check that my child is reading daily, if they are older).
  3. I find time to read to my child at least once a week.
  1. I ask my child questions about what they have read:
    1. Some of my questions are literal and can be found easily.
    2. Some of my questions are harder and my child has to ‘read between the lines (infer or deduce)


  • Children who read daily will achieve a higher score in reading tests
  • Children who read daily will produce better quality writing.

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