Just Dance

10 May 2017

Unsurprisingly, play times are one of the highlights of our pupils’ day (not unlike any other school). They are always fun times, providing opportunity for children to meet friends, relax, play and learn outside of the class room. If you were to visit the school mid-morning, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve arrived into a disco! In fact, it’s our daily ‘Just Dance’ sessions, open to all pupils in Key Stage Two. Extremely popular (especially when the sun isn’t shining), children relish the chance to let their hair down, have fun and dance away to upbeat tunes (they get to be the DJs). Socialising, relaxing, keeping fit, laughing, joking and simply chillin’ are all important skills to learn and experience, to develop well-rounded, grounded children, helping them to better cope with all that they are faced with.

Tags: play time enrichment