Review Week

3 May 2017

Next week is Review Week across the school. This is an opportunity for children to check and recall what they have learnt over the last half term. As part of reviewing learning, children will complete assessments. For Year 2 and Year 6 children, they will complete their SATs, which will test their English and maths skills. Year 2 pupils’ assessments will be incorporated into the day to day school timetable, so it’s doubtful they will notice they are doing a test, whilst Year 6 children will have their first taste of formal exams. These take place at set, prescribed times; sealed bags of papers are opened on the day and are secured straight away afterwards. The children are, of course, quite ready and prepared for these; they know what they need to do and will, I am sure, confidently do their best. The only preparation they will need over the weekend is a good night’s sleep! Mr Watson, Headteacher

Tags: key stage results; assessment; assessment results; ks2 performance tables