At Ladybridge, we provide a range of extra-curricular clubs and activities to develop our pupils’ talents and interests. We take part in competitions, debates, and fundraising throughout the year to develop our pupils’ resilience and communication skills. Good relationships with parents, links with external agencies, and community links, provide opportunities to further develop personal development skills. These include: oral health programs; community projects, and primary futures. We aim to provide high quality activities across a wide spectrum, creating a sense of pride, and belonging. Participation is enabled for all of our pupils.

Should other agencies be used, such as Fort Alice, Primary Futures or the NHS, discussions will take place beforehand to ensure that the visiting agency’s values are in line with the school’s, and that they are aware of the school’s policies.

Teachers will put an emphasis on ‘healthy, respectful relationships, focusing on family and friendships on all contexts, ensuring sensitivity, so not to stigmatise pupils based on their home circumstances. Teachers will ensure that lesson content are centred around reducing stigma, particularly in relation to mental well-being. Lessons will challenge perceived views of pupils, based on protected characteristics, through exploration and developing their understanding of British Values, respecting those different to themselves.

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