Learning Environment

At Ladybridge we aim to provide a varied and stimulating learning environment. Our students have use of outstanding external and internal facilities.

To ensure learning is a captivating experience we ensure that our facilities are maintained to a very high standard. Our touch screen computer suite provides every child with the individual use of a computer, allowing children to progress at their own pace, not at a shared pace. We have an excellent art and technology suite, where every creative flair is catered for. For those who prefer to learn outdoors, we have several areas to stimulate and encourage imaginative and adventurous minds.

Our School Day

The school day starts at 8.50am when children may enter the classroom and finishes at 3.30pm.  Registration is from 8.50am to 9.00am.

Morning Playtimes

At 10.05am until 10.20am, children from Key Stage 1 have a break (note Reception children's break time is flexible). Due to having a later lunch time (see below), Key Stage 2 children, have two morning breaks: the first, frrom 10.05am until 10.20am and the second, from 11.30am util 11.40am.


At 11.40, children in Reception start their hour's lunch break. Children in KS1 have their lunch from 1.50am to 12.40pm and in KS2, from 12.40pm until 1.30pm. 

Afternoon Break

KS1 children have an afternoon playtime between 1.45pm and 2pm. Again, Reception children's afternoon break time is flexible.

Whole School Assembly

Daily from 3pm until 3.25pm (excepting Reception children).

End of the School Day

The day ends at 3.30pm for all children.