Harvest Festival Assembly

13 October 2017, 9.00am – 9.45am

Our Harvest Festival is always a special occasion. Each year we work with a local charity called Winter Watch. They work with homeless people in Bolton's communities. Your donations provide hot meals, a place to have a shower/rest and food parcels.

We are asking children to bring a donation of food, which we will pass on to the Winter Watch and Storehouse projects.  Donations need to be food which does not easily or quickly perish.  We would be most grateful if you could send donations into school on Tuesday 10th October. 

The Winter Watch and Storehouse projects help the less fortunate people of our town by providing food parcels and serving meals.  Last year the Winter Watch Cafe served about 2,500 meals on the 32 nights that they were open.  People who use the café or have received food parcels in the past say, ’please pass on our heartfelt thanks for the food, it really is our lifeline’.

Thank you for your support.