Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

We have two classes in Year 4 - 4L and 4B. Our teachers and teaching assistants are as follows:

4L       4B

Teacher - Mrs E. Walsh (Monday-Wednesday inc.)

Teacher - Mrs S. Tomlinson (Thursday and Friday)

Teaching Assistant - Mrs E. Ferguson

Teacher - Miss B. Hanley

Teaching Assistant - Miss C. Acton


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Homework Project - Ancient Greece

Organisational Information

4L - Homework: Homework will be given out every Friday to be returned to school every other Friday.

4B - Homework: Homework will be given out every Friday to be returned to school every Thursday.

Reading: A staff member will sign the reading diary once they have heard your child read individually. Your child will also be in a guided reading group once a week to check their comprehension skills. 

PE: PE will take place in weekly blocks as follows:

4L 4B

Week beginning: 12/9/2016

Week beginning: 23/01/2017

Week beginning: 03/04/2017

Week beginning: 26/06/2017

Week beginning: 19/09/2016

Week beginning: 16/01/2017

Week beginning: 27/03/2017

Week beginning: 03/07/2017

Class Assembly Date: Friday 23rd June 2017

Curriculum Map

The curriculum map outlines how your child’s class teacher has personalised the programmes of study for each national curriculum subject. Any questions regarding the new curriculum should be discussed with your child’s class teacher.

Theme days/Weeks

Themed Greek Day - Fancy dress/Greek tasting

Inspirational visits/


RE Trip 

Liverpool Maritime Museum




At Ladybridge, we employ a book-led English curriculum. Books are used as a stimulus for capturing the imagination and interest of the children. Through this, National Curriculum objectives are delivered. We encourage child-led learning and, therefore, plan learning opportunities as needs arise and interests are discovered. Please see attached for the appropriate expectations of the new curriculum for your child. This includes a spelling list. 




You will receive a maths booklet which includes the expectations for each different area of maths that your child is expected to learn, and also includes the types of calculations and methods that will be taught. These booklets will be used in school to help us assess, track and set targets for your child. The maths booklets are based upon age-related expectations, so the majority of children will be expected to become secure in all areas by the end of the year.




Electricity; States of Matter

Sound; Animals including Humans

Living Things and their Habitats





design, write and debug programs

use sequence, selection, and repetition in programs

use logical reasoning to explain how some simple algorithms work 

understand computer networks including the internet                                                     

use search technologies effectively



Textiles – weaving and Viking jewellery

Mouldable materials

River Landscapes

Greek vases







Rivers and their features

Major rivers in Europe

Eight point compass

Digital mapping


Vikings Invasion and settlements

Titanic and Shipping

Ancient Greece




Art & Design

Carson Collins

Greek vases





Dance; Gymnastics; Athletics; Games: Invasion (Football, Rugby), Net/Wall (Dodgeball), Striking/Fielding (Cricket).


Hinduism - Leaders & Teachers ; Celebrations

Islam - Symbols -To look at the symbolism of the 5 pillars



Emotions – Behaviour and Goals

Environmental awareness protection

Physical well-being



Please click here if you would like to download the information detailed above in pdf format.

Promoting British Values in our Curriculum

Please click on the link below for examples of how we promote British Values in our curriculum.

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Thank-you for Supporting our Greek Themed Project